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LSL20 l LSL30 - LSL20 l LSL30 photos:

LSL20 l LSL30

Product LSL20 l LSL30 has a 20 or 30 LED light source which provides better quality of light compared with traditional lamps. Aluminum casing provides extra durability in all environmental conditions. Produced according to automotive quality standards. LED driving current: from 280mA to 500 mA

    • Use Small roads, private roads.
      ME5 roads where luminance requirements are 0,5 cd/m2
      Suitable for parkings and industrial areas.
      Suggested pole height 4 up to 7m.
    • Mounting Universal and fast mounting system.
      Light post diameter 60mm.
      On request different fitting systems.
      Lamp can be tilted +/- 15° for most suitable mounting.
      Light flux can be adjusted horizontally
  • General features

Available versions
  • 1820741Available versions: standard version (no dimming function) 280mA

  • 1820743Available versions: version with power regulation 50% - 280mA

  • 1820745Available versions: regulation range 1% up to 100% (control signal 1V - 10V) - 280mA

  • 1800741Available versions: base version (no dimming) - 350mA

  • 1800743Available versions: version with dimming 50% - 350mA

  • 1800745Available versions: dimming range 1-100% - 350mA