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  • Marsicovetere Public Lighting

    In cooperation with Lux Impianti we are proud to present "case study" regarding energy efficiecy of Marsicovetere's Town ( PZ ). In " Project " section you can find more photos about the installation.

  • Grah Led Lighting and Lux Lighting present "EVO"

    EVO is the new continuation of the previous serie AEROLITE. Top lighting performance and replaceable driver make the EVO family the bechmark for the street lighting market where you are prompted for an illuminance of more than 1,5 cd/m.

Large reduction in energy consumption, minus 70% Maintenance cost reduction, minus 69% Longer lamp lasting, minimum 60.000 hours

Reduction in CO2 production, over 50% Zero light pollution Reduction on global warming Non-hazardous materials used only No Infrared and Ultraviolet radiation

Rapid depreciation of the investment, less than 3 years Excellent road illumination uniformity  Higher efficiency lm / W Excellent color rendering, about 90%